Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Hat For Annie

This is the hat I made for Annie
Make a loop. Six single crochet in center loop. Single crochet around increasing by six every row until you have the circumference you need. Then shell stitch your way down as far as you want. Switch back to single crochet for about an inch for the rolled brim. Crochet a flower and attach.
Watch out! You might get addicted!


  1. Welcome to EDM! I enjoyed seeing your work here and look forward to more. I just might have to try that hat pattern :)

  2. I like to crochet too :) Your pictures are lovely... welcome to EDM and I am glad you are finally out of lurkdom!

  3. Annie,

    Just read and followed your post from the group everyday matters. You needn't worry about "critique". Your art is lovely. I am trying.

    I'd actually appreciate your "critique" of my work.


  4. I like your soft sketches---they have an endearing flair

  5. Cute! real hat and little girls are adorable too!