Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Black Bear, Black Bear What Do You See?

Not In My Backyard. In someone else's, thank goodness. And not here in N.Y but in Vermont. Drawing done from a photo sent by my daughter. They estimate she is about four hundred pounds. She obviously went to a lot of July Fourth barbecues so she has enough fat on her to last until blueberry season. I hope she doesn't show up on one of my hiking trails. Though it would be interesting to draw her from life I just don't think I am up to the challenge.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Magestic Polar Bear

The first of many sketches from 'Sketchy Friends' Day at the Central Park Zoo.
I took some photo references and worked a little from them and a little from my actual

This is the female and she is absolutely beautiful. We are so lucky to have her here. She cools me off just by looking at her.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009


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By The Sea

It's been such a long time between blogs but I HAVE been busy. This spring at a watermedia class with Carmen Lund I worked out some of the kinks in my technique and actually came up with some work I am proud of. This little guy is enjoying the water as much as I always enjoy being with him. It is watercolor on paper.
I have been re-inspired after spending another day with my sketchy friends for a day at the Central Park Zoo. Sketching animals is not too easy but I did fairly well with the sleeping bear and the preening penguins. Those works will be up on my site soon.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Is Here

A quick little sketch to

acknowledge Spring. Lots more work to post later when there is more time
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So then Nonie asked for one.

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The Real Annie

The real Annie, Day 1
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A Hat For Annie

This is the hat I made for Annie
Make a loop. Six single crochet in center loop. Single crochet around increasing by six every row until you have the circumference you need. Then shell stitch your way down as far as you want. Switch back to single crochet for about an inch for the rolled brim. Crochet a flower and attach.
Watch out! You might get addicted!

Monday, March 16, 2009

PLU Pear

I almost ate this one with the sticker still on it!
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Bernice's Brownies

Two eggs beaten whole
1 cup sugar
1/2 scant cup flour
2 oz unsweetened chocolate
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp. vanilla
Chopped walnuts (optional)
Melt chocolate and butter together. Let cool. Beat eggs, add sugar, fold in flour, add butter/chocolate mixture, add vanilla and walnuts. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes. Do NOT eat the whole pan at once. Try to share
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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Too late to post but I have become interested again in these challenge groups. The sushi photo was from Different Stokes From Different Folks. I don't even like sushi but I got out my watercolors for this one. Guess I will have to work on this skill. The Different Strokes web page is a great one to check out and even if you don't enter a piece there is always a lot to enjoy and learn from
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Day

This was actually done last week .

It was a challenge to limit myself to pen and ink to depict shadows on snow.
Actually the crease in the sketchbook adds a dimension of its own. Happy Accident
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Sketchcrawl With Sketchy Friends

Six new sketchy friends met at the Met to draw and chat.
We drew a little, chatted a lot and had a lovely lunch in Central Park on the first warm day of this (post winter?) season.
Here  is my second drawing 
from the special exhibition: Drawings From the Collection of Jean Bonna
It seems a bit odd to make a drawing from a drawing. I am not accustomed to copying the style of another artist. As it turns out I needed to finish up this sketch at home where I added my own information in the shading. After all, the original is done in a bright pink gouache and only pencils are allowed to be used in the galleries at the Metropolitan.
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Sketchcrawl at the Metropolitan Museum

Wouldn't you know I would revert back to natural science and botanical images rather than attempt the more daunting faces and bodies that abound there. This was done with plain old graphite and later embellished with carbon pencil at home. I think my birdie came out a bit more plump than the original. Probably has something to do with the fact that I cooked an 'oven stuffer roaster' for dinner last night. What DOES Perdue feed those guys?
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chuck Taylors

I decided to draw a pair of Chuck Taylors so Lily sent me a photo of hers. Great! Except they were low tops. I had to fudge the extra height and have no idea how many lace holes there are in the high tops. For Christmas I gave each grandchild a framed print of the sneakers as well as an actual pair to wear. Who knew they come in infant sizes? And in PINK!
When Mark asked me what the significance of this gift was I had to remind him that he arrived at his High School graduation in cap, gown and a pair of red Chuck Taylors. When they told him he could not participate in the graduation ceremony dressed like that he went back to the car and changed his shoes. Ready for anything, that boy. Now a man, he is awaiting the birth of his first child, a girl, who already has a pair of Chuck Taylors waiting for her when she comes.
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Hand made journals

Here are two newly bound journals. The smaller one was put together several years ago prior to a trip to Ireland. So unsure of my drawing skills I never even made one entry. The larger one with 140# watercolor paper is new and has one painting in it so far. The covers are made from an old collage that I had done several years ago. It is painted tissue paper on board. It never quite made it as a piece of art but I love it as my journal covers. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Oh! and the signatures are held together with Kettle stitching. They open flat which I forgot to show.


A drawing from a while ago but I wanted to get it up here before I lose track of it. I have great experience drawing these chickadees as they seem to be everywhere about. Soon I shall practise with a few of the other feeder visiters
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With due respect to Andrea Joseph whose detailed drawings have truly provided an inspiration for me I drew this for my amazing grandson Connor as his Christmas present. He and I have spent a lot of quality time together over the years (all seven of them). Connor has many special interests so it was impossible to cram them all into his backpack but I had to give it a try. Whether or not the drawing is as successful as I would have liked is open to question. No matter. The reaction from Connor was satisfaction enough.
Oh, and I forgot to label the waffle and that would have been important as the drawing doesn't really look like one.
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For the new year I made a watercolor journal as I am not so crazy about the Moleskine ones. Anyway I spent a lot of time at The Center For Book Arts a few years ago and I don't want to waste those skills. Actually at that time I made some lovely journals but never used them as I didn't feel I was worthy to draw in such lovely books. Thanks to encouragement from Danny Gregory I am over that. While still in Stowe I ripped apart an old pad of watercolor paper and folded each sheet. Since it is 140# paper each sheet is it's own signature. Back at home I shall stitch it together and bind it. And USE it with courage. The little angel in the corner is another decoration from the memory box. This one dates way back to the dining room table in Brooklyn (circa 1950) where eight of them circled the centerpiece. Being sentimentally attached to these little cuties I had never really noticed until I started drawing that our little angel actually has a scowl on her face. She just may be upset at the ravages of aging as she has lost her wings. (Maybe I have them:)
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A quick little picture done with brush markers and all out of proportion because I was cozily ensconsed in the corner of the couch covered in blankets to watch the New Year's Eve shows on TV and WAY too lazy to alter my position to do a fine drraing. I had fun though.
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Thanks to the inspiration I get from the blogs I have been reading lately I decided to start drawing the things of Christmas and try to capture some of the fun decorations. Although this fellow is relatively new I still get that wave of familiar sentimentality when I stand him on the sideboard each year. There are quite a few others I'd like to capture as well. There is something very special about pulling them out each Christmastime and letting the familiar rituals bring back a feeling of stability and continuity. It's a state of mind.
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The condo is too small to have an indoor tree what with all the people and dogs milling about. I love the outdoor tree (this year thanks to Tese, Andrew and Maddy who had it up and lighted when we got there). Finally after a few days of rain the snow came and it looked absolutely beautiful. It's a good thing I get up early to sketch because even at such an early hour I was soon joined by Declan who enjoyed watching the sunrise and the squirrel with me. Thanks for the company, Dec!
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The First Day Of Christmas

There are quite a few drawings done over Christmastime that I will upload today, therefore they will not be sequential or even timely as it is now January 6 (so soon?). Christmas week was spent in Stowe, VT with most of the family, my sketchbook, lots of snow, and internet access but no scanner so there was no opportunity to upload. After finishing Danny Gregory's class I am very excited to explore and open up to using new materials. Having said that this drawing was done with plain old graphite in my Moleskine. Ding A Ling!
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