Tuesday, January 6, 2009

With due respect to Andrea Joseph whose detailed drawings have truly provided an inspiration for me I drew this for my amazing grandson Connor as his Christmas present. He and I have spent a lot of quality time together over the years (all seven of them). Connor has many special interests so it was impossible to cram them all into his backpack but I had to give it a try. Whether or not the drawing is as successful as I would have liked is open to question. No matter. The reaction from Connor was satisfaction enough.
Oh, and I forgot to label the waffle and that would have been important as the drawing doesn't really look like one.
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  1. Love this. Will you be doing these for all the g-kids?????

  2. This is amazing! Your grandson is a very lucky young man! What a wonderful gift :)
    (And you are amazingly talented! Keep it up!)

  3. Annie,
    This is even better than advertised!! I LOVE the detail and the amount of thought that you put into it. What a fabulous gift.

  4. Hi Annie, Shirlie Levine sent me your link, Oh I love your blog, you are so talented!! I hope I can make it in from CT for the next sketchdate!! Sandy